Where the Signs of Aging Appear First

Posted March 11, 2016

When we talk about aging, so much of the conversation is centered around wrinkles, with pictures of furrowed foreheads appearing on nearly every advertisement for a product that promises to turn back the clock. However, for many of us, aging doesn’t happen in such a clear-cut fashion; it’s not as though we wake up in the mirror one morning looking ten years older — it’s a slow progression that often shows up where we’re least expecting it. So where does aging really start?

Your mouth: New York’s anti-smoking ordinances have made seeing smokers in Manhattan nearly as rare as seeing a unicorn in the wild, and that’s undoubtedly for the best — among other health complications, smokers are among the first of us to see serious signs of aging. Even if you don’t partake in a nicotine habit, other repetitive motions can cause wrinkling and creasing around the lips and mouth, making you look older than your chronological age. By cutting back on activities that cause your lips to purse repeatedly, you’ll slow the aging process. Adding a treatment like Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Facial from Flawless Skin Solutions can help diminish the look of those little lines in far less time than it took to acquire them.

Your nose: Your nose is your most unique feature, but it can also be the one that gives away your age the quickest. As we age, our pores —particularly those on our nose — can become larger and deeper as broken capillaries tend to pop up in the same area. The best way to handle a situation like this is to use preventative treatments, like the Dorothy Mask, which can keep your pores clear (essential for making them appear smaller) and combat redness.

Your neck: There are few parts of our bodies that age as rapidly or as obviously as our necks. Even celebrities with access to the best dermatologists and doctors bear visible signs of aging on their necks even when their facial skin looks preternaturally young. To keep your neck looking taut and youthful, keep skin hydrated and stay out of the sun, and add a facial treatment meant for delicate skin, like Flawless’ Oxygen Facial, helping to repair any existing damage.

We can’t prevent ourselves from aging, but there’s plenty we can do to mask its signs. Proper skincare and plenty of preventative measures will help you maintain that youthful glow.

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