Natural Ingredients with Skin Perfecting Power

Posted March 18, 2016

All too often, our first instinct when we notice an imperfection in our skin is to look for industrial-strength treatments that will get rid of the problem, no matter what the cost. However, as the study of naturopathic healing evolves, an increasing number of plant-infused treatments are hitting the market, promising users better skin without the all of those unpronounceable ingredients. So what should those in search of a flawless complexion be looking out for?

Aloe vera: Those of us who call New York City home not be getting enough sun to keep a bottle of aloe handy, but this all-natural skin soother does more than just cool your skin after a day at the beach. Aloe not only moisturizes the skin, its antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory properties can help heal acne and reduce redness, swelling, and residual dark marks.

Ginkgo biloba extract: The product of the ginkgo tree, gingko biloba extract is a potent age fighter that can be found in certain facial treatments, like Flawless Skin Solutions’ Dorothy Mask. Gingko’s remarkable properties don’t stop there, however — it also fights inflammation, is packed with vitamin E, and even helps protect skin against the sun’s harsh rays.

Vitamin B5: You may have seen B5 in pill form on the shelf of your local drugstore, but did you know that it has amazing benefits when applied to the skin? Also found in the Dorothy Mask, B5 is a potent moisturizer that helps plump skin, promotes the tissue healing, and can stop breakouts in their tracks.

Vitamin B3: A remarkable multitasker, Vitamin B3 heals skin when used internally or topically. Taken orally, B3 has been reported to help reduce the risk of skin caner, while in its topical form, the vitamin can help fade sun spots and acne scars.

Rose Water: Rose water is one of those ingredients so multifaceted that you’ll find it in half the items at your local cosmetics counter. A main ingredient in many perfumes, this sweet smelling infused water has antibacterial properties, works as an astringent, and can even reduce oiliness by helping maintain a healthy pH in your skin.

A glowing complexion doesn’t have to come from a potion or pill — just look to nature for healthy ways to get the skin of your dreams.

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