Can You Really Get Younger Looking Skin at Home?

Posted July 15, 2016

We’ve all heard this tune before: this mask from a big beauty retailer or that eye cream from a posh Manhattan boutique is the answer aging skin — there just isn’t anything except anecdotal evidence to prove it. Fortunately, there’s finally a way to get younger-looking skin that’s proven to work. The best part? You can do it in the privacy of your own home.

New York City may have a wide variety of stores and salons to choose from, but Flawless Skin Solutions has something they don’t: the Nu Skin Anti-Aging Facial and ageLOC System. This revolutionary new way of reversing the signs of aging can turn back the hands of time at a pace that works for you. The Nu Skin device, available at Flawless, harnesses the power of painless electrocurrent therapy to reverse the signs of aging, from crow’s feet to fine lines and wrinkles, as well as boosting the production of healthy cells, reducing the appearance of dark spots, and increasing your skin’s ability to produce face-plumping collagen. The only thing better is having a skincare regimen that complements this state-of-the-art treatment.

For many of us, washing our face is just part of our daily routine. We wash, tone, maybe moisturize, and get ready for the day. What if doing that virtually automatic daily errand could also help you look younger, healthier, and more radiant, too? The Nu Skin ageLOC System doesn’t just slow down the aging process — it helps you maintain your youthful beauty for longer with potent ingredients like equol, hyaluronic acid, pea extract, bamboo extract, and glucosamine.

After 12 weeks of using the ageLOC serum, 66 percent of study participants reported that their skin was firmer, 62 percent said their skin was smoother, 72 percent reported more even skin tone, 59 percent had fewer fine lines and wrinkles, 73 percent experienced more radiant skin, 71 percent claimed their skin felt more hydrated, and more than half said their pore size and skin discoloration decreased. By promoting cell turnover, the six-part ageLOC system does what so many other companies have tried to do and failed: improve users’ confidence with plenty of results t o show for it. 100 percent of study participants said their skin had improved in two or more ways after just one week of use and 100 percent said the appearance of their skin was noticeably improved.

So how does it work? Cleanse and tone, add Future Serum, and apply SPF in the morning, and follow the first two steps with the Transforming Night cream before you head off to bed. It may sound simple, but that’s all it takes to get a brighter, more beautiful complexion. A new you is just minutes away!