Complexion Myths You Might Just Believe

Posted March 4, 2016

When acne, wrinkles, and dark spots start to make themselves at home on your face, it’s easy for even the smartest men and women to start turning to less-than-credible sources about why they’re being plagued with complexion problems. In fact, some of these myths are so pervasive that they’re passed down from one generation to the next, often without a shred of factual evidence behind them. Take a peek at our list of the most common complexion myths and see if you can separate fact from fiction!

Myth: Popping a pimple is the best way to get it to go away

Fact: While it’s undeniably tempting to start popping pimples and picking at our skin the second we see a flaw in our complexion, it’s also one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Our hands and fingernails are covered in grime that we risk clogging our pores with every time we start poking at our face, and the actual act of trying to pop a pimple can push the dead skin cells and bacteria deeper into our skin, putting us at risk for even worse breakouts and infections. Instead, leave your deep complexion cleansing to the professionals. Treatments like the Dorothy Facial Mask, available at Flawless Skin Solutions in Manhattan, can help clear your skin in just 15 minutes and can help reduce discoloration from previous breakouts, as well.

Myth: There’s no way to prevent complexion problems, you can only deal with them once they appear

Fact: Stores and spas on every corner in New York City boast fast fixes for pre-existing complexion problems, but few offer solutions for how to stop them in the first place. To get the complexion you’ve always wanted, prevention is key, whether you’re battling acne or aging skin. Instead of fixing problems once they appear, do your best to prevent them in the first place. Adding an anti-aging facial into your regular skincare regimen, like the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Anti-Aging Facial, can help you avoid wrinkles and prevent the need for pricey and invasive treatments down the line.

Myth: Moisturizing your skin usually makes it worse

Fact: The idea that keeping our skin moisturized causes complexion problems is one of the most pervasive and perplexing skin myths. Using the wrong kind of moisturizing treatment can sometimes clog pores, but the alternative — stripping your skin’s natural oils with harsh cleansers and then skipping moisturizer — can actually wreak far more havoc on your complexion. Hydrated skin is actually less likely to break out than stripped skin, which overcompensates by producing excess oil. To keep your skin moisturized without making it greasy, try an Oxygen Facial on for size; you’ll get glowing skin and banish breakouts at the same time.

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