How Oxygen Facials Are Changing the Game For Sensitive Skin

Posted March 25, 2016

It should come as no surprise to those of us with sensitive skin that we’re regularly left out when it comes to skincare treatments. It often seems that nearly every advertisement we see is for a product targeting wrinkles, breakouts, or some combination of skin complaints, while few seek to treat the problems associated with a delicate complexion. For those of us with sensitive skin, it can feel like we’re constantly battling to get our skin to behave without making it worse, but fortunately, there’s finally a solution to all of your skin concerns: the oxygen facial.
What makes oxygen facials so special?

Many skincare professionals believe that “sensitive” is just another way to describe dry skin, when, in fact, sensitive skin is so much more complex. While it’s true that many people who describe themselves as having sensitive skin do suffer some dryness and flaking, there are numerous other problems that come along with this skin type, from dryness-related breakouts to persistent redness and discoloration. For many people with sensitive skin, these symptoms force them to forgo facials entirely, unwilling to put up with the potential flare-up too much poking and prodding could cause. Fortunately, oxygen facials can treat everything from acne to redness without making sensitive skin worse. Even the dryness that is part and parcel of having sensitive skin can be relieved with the restorative power of oxygen.
What are the benefits of adding oxygen facials to your skincare routine?

At Flawless Skin Solutions in Manhattan, our oxygen facial harnesses the power of one of the most potent healing ingredients in the world: pure oxygen. New Yorkers who visit our unique spa can enjoy smoother, softer skin after just a single, painless session. Thanks to an application of antioxidant-packed serum and purified oxygen, your cells will regenerate faster, the bacteria that can cause breakouts will be eliminated, and dark spots and redness will be a thing of the past. Perhaps what’s most notable about this revolutionary treatment is just how gentle it is — unlike traditional facials, the oxygen facial is a gentle and relaxing way to enjoy some “me time” while you heal your skin.

Don’t rely on the same old treatments that aren’t working for your sensitive skin. Try an oxygen facial on for size at Flawless — you won’t believe how beautiful your skin can be.

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