How to Beat Your Genetics When it Comes to Aging

Posted April 29, 2016

One of the most common worries shared by men and women of nearly every age is inheriting our parents’ health problems, particularly when it comes to our skin. While parents certainly pass down many skin characteristics, from our coloring to our summertime freckles, premature aging, dark spots, and certain kinds of skin cancer don’t have to be among them. You can outsmart your genetics if you start early — here’s how:

Use SPF every day: Even if you’re not a sun worshipper, you should be putting on SPF before you head out the door every day. Getting in the habit of using sunscreen now can help ward off the early appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and is an essential step in preventing certain kinds of skin cancer.

Eat healthy: With a juice bar on nearly every block in Manhattan and fresh fruit and vegetables available at 24 hours a day at most corner stores, there’s no lack of healthy food available to most New York City residents. Eating healthy is one of the best things you can do to beat a genetic predisposition to skin problems. Foods rich in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and nuts, can help keep your skin soft and smooth.

Get plenty of exercise: Exercise is good for virtually every part of your body, making it look, feel, and operate better. Getting daily exercise is also one of the easiest ways to boost circulation and clear your pores, giving you a youthful-looking, blemish-free face.

Start taking preventative skincare measures: The best offense is a good defense when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. Instead of taking drastic measures to make your face look younger, start early and be consistent. Treatments like the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Anti-Aging Facial and the Oxygen Facial at Flawless Skin Solutions will keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and can help increase the production of collagen, vital for fighting off fine lines and wrinkles.

Get regular skin checks: If you have a family history of skin cancer, it’s imperative that you get your skin checked by a doctor on a regular basis. Make sure to have a dermatologist give your skin a once-over at least every year, and point out any changes in the feel or look of your skin if they arise before your yearly appointment.

You don’t need to throw away thousands of dollars toward invasive procedures to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. A few preventative measures and a bit of regular maintenance can help you maintain a beautiful, healthy complexion for years to come.

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