How to Keep Your Complexion Glowing When Spring Hits

Karena Posted May 6, 2016

While we may all be looking forward to the warm days of spring, there’s one downside to the onset of more pleasant weather: for many of us, when the weather changes, our skin follows suit. Appearance-conscious New Yorkers are generally eager to do whatever it takes to keep their skin from going haywire when the heat and humidity strike, from wild treatments like the so-called “vampire facial” to harsh, skin-stripping treatments like chemical peels. Luckily, you don’t have to risk making your skin worse before it gets better — by just following a few tips, your skin will remain gorgeous and glowing, no matter the weather.

Stay hydrated: Water is one of the best medicines out there, especially when it comes to your skin. Staying hydrated both inside and out will keep your skin clear and glowing, even on those muggy days that would normally prompt a full-blown breakout. Make sure you’re getting at least eight glasses of water a day, which can help your body flush out the toxins that can make your skin dull and acne-prone, and keep the surface of your skin hydrated with a mist of mineral water, which will give you a dewy glow without clogging pores.

Nourish your skin: We know that vitamins help keep the inside of our body healthy, and the same is true for our skin. Vitamin-infused treatments, like the Oxygen Facial at Flawless Skin Solutions in Manhattan, can help preserve the delicate balance of our skin’s natural, hydrating oil while unclogging pores and eliminating imperfections.

Go makeup free as often as possible: A full face of makeup may look great for a special occasion, but all those products can do a number on your skin. Whenever you can, go makeup-free. When you wear makeup, it creates a barrier that prevents your skin from naturally eliminating dirt and bacteria from your pores, trapping it against your skin and causing breakouts. If you do wear makeup every day, make sure to wash your brushes regularly and use products that are labeled noncomedogenic.

Make time for masks: There are few things in this world more relaxing than enjoying a spa treatment in the privacy of your own home. To keep your skin clear and healthy, make a facial mask, like the hyaluronic acid and vitamin-packed Dorothy Mask from Flawless, part of your regular routine. Unlike traditional masks, this easy-to-use sheet mask is mess-free and requires just 15 minutes of time per treatment.

Don’t let the temperature change throw your skin for a loop. Switching up your beauty routine just a tiny bit can keep your complexion clear and radiant all year round.

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