The Sneaky Signs of Aging You Might Be Missing

Posted April 22, 2016

When it comes to aging, the thing most of us worry about most is developing wrinkles, but that’s far from the only change our skin undergoes as we age. While fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles can strike fear into the hearts of those of us who want to retain our youthful glow, there are other, more pressing skin issues that appear long before our faces bear the lines that come along with a life well-lived. Image conscious New Yorkers, take note or you might just waste time treating the wrong aging symptoms.

Rosacea: Many people believe that rosacea is just reddening of the skin, but it’s actually a more complex medical issue that usually only occurs after age 30. For some people, rosacea can mimic the appearance of normal blushing or a sunburn, while for others, it can take the form of bumps, irritation of the eye area, and toughening and thickening of skin around the nose and mouth. While rosacea can sometime go away on its own, especially when certain triggers, like allergenic foods, fragrances, and stress are minimized, for those with more severe cases, a trip to the doctor is often necessary.
Sun damage: Sunbathing may not be a popular pastime in Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean New Yorkers are immune to sun damage. Sun damage, whether it happens accidentally or intentionally, by tanning, is a major sign of aging that many people miss until it’s too late. Sun damage can make skin drier, in addition to causing hyperpigmentation, a dermatological condition that is a major sign of aging skin. To keep your skin looking young, make sure you’re using an SPF daily, and if you notice any suspicious marks or freckles, head to the doctor — these could be a sign of skin cancer.

Dark spots: Whether they’re the result of sun damage or are simply part and parcel of aging skin, dark spots are one of the more obvious signs of skin aging. While we can do our best to prevent sun damage from causing dark spots, it’s often necessary to take other proactive measures to keep them from popping up. In addition to regular use of sunscreen, Flawless Skin Solutions’ hyaluronic acid-infused Dorothy Mask can help diminish the appearance of these spots and make skin look fuller, younger, and more refreshed.

Broken blood vessels: Broken blood vessels can be caused by trauma, but more often than not, they’re an early sign of aging. As we get older, our skin produces less collagen and thins, making what lies beneath the surface layers more visible to the naked eye. This can mean that broken blood vessels that were once hidden appear prominently, particularly around the nose and mouth. While some skin treatments, like traditional extraction facials, can cause broken capillaries to appear or make existing ones worse, there are gentle solutions. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Anti-Aging Facial can help reverse the signs of aging and clear skin through gentle, painless, and effective electrotherapy.

In the never-ending quest to look younger, we need to start looking beyond fine lines and wrinkles and start tackling some of the other signs of aging we tend to overlook. By working to counteract the other presentations of aging skin, we can all look younger, happier, and more beautiful.

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