The Best Vitamins For Skin Health

Posted April 1, 2016

From food to facials, the natural movement is gaining major traction in New York. While it’s easy enough to find a Whole Foods or drugstore in Manhattan that can recommend vitamin-rich foods and supplements, it’s not quite so simple when you’re looking to improve your skin. The topical application of vitamin-infused treatments, like Flawless’ Oxygen Facial, can have a dramatic effect on your skin, but it isn’t subject matter that your average pharmacist or aesthetician knows much about.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is best known as a powerful healing agent that can have a multitude of benefits when applied to wounds and scar tissue. When applied to the face, vitamin A reduces redness, dark spots, and scarring, and can also dramatically soften skin.

Vitamin B3: For anyone who suffers from age spots or residual discoloration from acne, vitamin B3 can be a lifesaver. An essential component of Flawless’ Dorothy Mask, vitamin B3 can help heal discoloration, fade age spots, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin B5: Also known as D-Panthenol, this amazing vitamin is a virtual fountain of youth. When used topically, vitamin B5, found in Flawless’ Dorothy Mask, can help promote cell regeneration and help promote the growth of younger, more radiant skin.
Vitamin D: Our bodies naturally synthesize Vitamin D when we expose our skin to the sun, but many of us are deficient in this beneficial nutrient. A topical application of vitamin D can help treat a multitude of skin conditions, from eczema and psoriasis to rosacea.

At Flawless Skin Solutions, we have the answers you need to find the perfect vitamin-enriched treatments to meet your needs, so treat yourself to healthier, rejuvenated skin.

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