The Dorothy Mask

Posted February 26, 2016

After a long day of work, there’s nothing most New Yorkers want to do more than relax. While, for many people, downtime is little more than an excuse to put on some yoga pants, turn on the TV, and open up a bottle of wine, in less time than it takes to watch our favorite show, you could be making healthy changes to your routine. In just fifteen minutes, you can change the future of your skin with some of nature’s healthiest, most transformative ingredients, thanks to the Dorothy Mask from Flawless Skin Solutions in Manhattan.

When most people think of facial masks, they imagine a messy mud that is more likely to dry out their skin than it is to fix complexion concerns. However, unlike the masks you may have used at home or have had applied at a spa or salon in the past, the Dorothy Mask is easy, mess-free, and devoid of the harsh chemicals that so many other masks depend on for their supposed skin benefits. The Dorothy Mask‘s unique sheet design makes it easy for even beauty novices to apply — just gently clean your face, open the mask, and pat the serum-infused sheet onto your face.

Once the mask has been applied your skin will start to reap the benefits of our host of powerful botanical ingredients. To improve blood flow to the skin’s surface, we’ve added gingko biloba extract; to heal sun damage, age spots, and even acne scars, vitamin B3 works its magic; vitamin B5 helps to promote the regeneration of skin cells and the formation of new, younger looking ones, and focus vesiculosus extract enables the oxygenation of the skin. Also included in this state-of-the-art skincare treatment are liquorice root to brighten the complexion, olive, known for its antibiotic and anti-aging properties, moisturizing rose water, and powerful age-fighter sodium hyaluronate, which boosts elasticity, hydrates skin, and leaves your complexion looking smoother and more youthful than ever.
When fifteen minutes are up, you can simply remove the mask and admire the newly radiant skin you see in the mirror — if only every healthy lifestyle change could be this easy!

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