Oxygen: The Secret Ingredient For Better Skin

Posted May 13, 2016

We all know that oxygen is essential for keeping the human race alive, but not everyone knows that this abundant element is also the key to great skin. In New York City, where the air quality is best described as “exhaust-filled,” many of us find ourselves battling breakouts because of the grit and grime in the air. After a long day of walking around Manhattan, it’s not surprising to find that when you wash your face, you can see that actual dirt you’ve collected going down the drain. While we can’t snap our fingers and get purer air, there is a way to treat our skin to the clean oxygen it so desperately needs.

Purified oxygen has been used as a healing treatment for hundreds of years, and science is still discovering ways in which this amazing natural element can help up achieve optimal health. Treatments like hyperbaric therapy are used by some of the world’s best hospitals to speed wound healing and manage pain. Hyperbaric treatment can even promote the growth of new blood vessels, which can help filter out toxins and provide increased blood flow throughout the body, including the skin’s surface. At Flawless Skin Solutions, clients can enjoy a similar treatment courtesy of our Oxygen Facial. The Oxygen Facial treats all manner of complexion woes, from wrinkles to acne, by spraying antioxidant and nutrient-infused 98% pure hyperbaric oxygen — as opposed to the approximately 21% oxygen we’re used to breathing in— onto the skin. Unlike traditional facial treatments, the pressurized delivery method used in the Oxygen Facial helps the oxygen penetrate the skin’s surface, plumping skin and thus masking wrinkles and blemishes.

Medical professionals and holistic healers have known about the restorative and healing power of oxygen for centuries, and now, that same natural nourishment can be used to treat your complexion concerns. Instead of turning to invasive and potentially dangerous treatments, anyone seeking a clearer, younger-looking complexion can refresh their skin while getting healthier at the same time, thanks to the power of the Oxygen Facial.

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