Is Electrotherapy Right For You?

Posted January 29, 2016

Skincare is an ever-evolving medium, with new treatments for everything from acne to wrinkles hitting the market every year. While some treatments claim to be miracles in a bottle while hardly delivering on their promises, others combine years of research methodology with advanced scientific techniques to create verifiable results. One such treatment is electrotherapy, which uses painless electrical currents and powerful serums to give users softer, clearer, and younger-looking skin — but is it right for you?

New York may be on the cutting edge when it comes to beauty treatments, with celebrities shelling out huge amounts of cash to Manhattan dermatologists for procedures that promise to keep them looking young, but even the most devout beauty junkies may balk at the thought of having an electrical current, no matter how small and painless, delivered to their delicate skin. However, despite its scary-sounding name, doctors have been using electrotherapy in medical settings for years, harnessing the power of electricity to stimulate muscles, repair tissue, and even aid in the treatment of certain cancers. Studies have even proven that electrotherapy helps alleviate chronic pain. So what can it do for your skin?

For those suffering the signs of early aging, electrotherapy, like that used in the Nu Skin Galvanic Facial Spa, can turn back the hands of time. This isn’t just another magic potion — the Nu Skin system’s effectiveness is backed by years of scientific research. If you find that you’re looking older than your chronological age, that your skin doesn’t have the fullness it used to, or that you no longer have the glow you once did, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa system can be a lifesaver. Instead of turning to expensive fillers or potentially dangerous surgical treatments, users of the Nu Skin system’s powerful, effective, and painless form of electrotherapy will experience guaranteed results in as little as 90 days, and best of all, the treatment can be applied in a spa or the privacy of their own home.

Electrotherapy is powerful medicine that’s known to heal the body from the inside out, and your skin is no exception. For those seeing the acute effects of aging on their face, the Nu Skin system can help you look and feel like yourself again — no invasive procedures necessary.

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