How to Keep Your Skin Looking Gorgeous From Summer to Fall

Posted September 4, 2015

Fall, winter, and spring may have their charm, but there’s no denying that summer is the most celebrated season. While the temperate weather — and, of course, summer Fridays — may be among the top reasons fans cite for their eager anticipation of the summer, many others love the season for another reason: its beauty benefits. From beachy saltwater waves to golden tans, summer makes everyone a little more radiant, providing particular perks to those whose skin could use a little extra oomph. Soaking in some summer sunshine (with SPF on, naturally) can help clear your complexion, while the humidity in the air gives you a natural glow. So what’s a girl to do when fall starts closing in and your days of flawless skin seem numbered? We’ve got just the solution to keep you looking your best when sweater season rolls around again.

Detoxify with a sweat session: Manhattan is ground zero for the latest health trends, so kill two birds with one stone and enjoy both a full-body burn and complexion boost by moving your body. The chill in the air may mean you’ve ditched your weekly Pilates in the park, but you can still get the skin-saving benefits of a healthy cardio session. Whether you go crazy for SoulCycle or get your heart racing with Zumba, the cardiovascular benefits you get from your workout will give your face a healthy, rosy glow. Sweat may not be sexy, but it certainly does wonders for your skin, helping to open your pores and purge any nastiness that may be hidden inside them.

Schedule a regular facial: The warm may have kept your skin clear all summer, but when fall hits, you may need a bit of professional help. To rejuvenate a tired or congested complexion, try an anti-aging Oxygen Facial at Flawless. Packed with antioxidants, this innovative technology makes your skin supple while plumping areas of the face, like the nasolabial folds, that tend to lose volume and make you look older than your years. This invigorating treatment is quick, painless, and will leave you looking and feeling better than ever.

Get serious about your skin care: Even if you can rinse and run out the door when the weather is warm, colder temperatures can mean breakouts and can even start prematurely aging you if you’re not using the right products. Swap out your regular face wash for a non-drying, sulfate-free cleanser and stock up on area-specific moisturizers — delicate areas like the eye and the neck require extra-gentle care. It’s easy to make moisturizer a part of your daily routine when cooler temperatures roll in — use a thinner formula under your makeup in the morning to create a youthful, dewy look, and dab on a richer formula at night to beautify your skin while you rest.

Just because summer’s coming to an end doesn’t mean you need to bid farewell to your healthy summer skin — you can step into fall fresh-faced with just a few minor adjustments to your routine.

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