How to Get Amazing Skin Even When You’re Short on Time

Posted January 8, 2016

Any busy New Yorker knows that it’s hard enough to find time for work, family, and friends, let alone squeeze a bit of personal time out of each day. While certain activities can be put off indefinitely when we’re short on time (dusting, anyone?), taking care of ourselves should always be a priority for both our mental and physical health. If you find that your skincare routine is falling by the wayside when you’re in a time crunch, check out these quick pick-me-ups that will get you looking and feeling like yourself again.

If you have five minutes, try out a new cleanser: If you feel like your skin is suffering the consequences of a skincare rut, try on a new cleanser for size — switching up your daily cleanser can be the difference between blah and beautiful when it comes to your skin. For the cold winter months, opt for a moisturizing formula that will help you banish dry skin.

If you have ten minutes, exfoliate: There are few things that keep breakouts at bay while boosting radiance like a thorough exfoliation, so if you have ten minutes to spare, slough off some of those dead skin cells and get glowing with an exfoliator. Just make sure that the cleanser you’re using isn’t too rough — overly scratchy cleansers can make dry skin, acne, and pigmentation issues worse.

If you have fifteen minutes, use an at-home facial mask: There are few things that can perk up your day like an at-home beauty treatment, and there are few treatments that have results as noticeable as a face mask. Flawless’ Dorothy Facial Mask is a pre-moistened paper mask that takes only fifteen minutes to start improving your complexion with its hyaluronic acid-packed serum, which helps clear skin and fill in fine lines.

If you have an hour, turn back the clock with an anti-aging treatment: On those rare occasions that you find an hour to yourself, go all out and treat yourself to an anti-aging treatment, like the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Anti-Aging Facial, available at Flawless Skin Solutions’ Manhattan location. Once you’ve enjoyed the spa version, you can use the products at home for maximum results.

Even if you don’t have tons of time to devote to an involved beauty routine, you can still look your best in a short amount of time — and you definitely deserve it!

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