Skincare Resolutions to Make This Holiday Season

Posted December 4, 2015

Between fielding friends and family and making sure there are plenty of food, drinks, and gifts to go around, when the holiday season rolls around each year, we often forget to take care of ourselves — especially when it comes to our skin. New York may already be bustling with holiday cheer, but before the season is fully upon us, we challenge you to implement some early resolutions about how you’ll treat your skin from now until next year.

I resolve to always remove my makeup: Celebrating the holidays can be exhausting, but that doesn’t mean you should go straight from your office party to bed without washing your face. With the winter’s cold and drying indoor heat compounding lots of skin issues, it’s particularly important to remove your makeup no matter how tired you are this holiday season — your complexion will thank you.

I resolve to drink lots of water: With lots of sugary, caffeinated, and boozy drinks being passed out at holiday parties, now is the perfect time to up your water consumption. For every eggnog or punch you put away at holiday parties, resolve to drink two glasses of water. Even if you don’t find yourself as thirsty in the winter as you do during the dog days of summer, it’s still important to get at least eight glasses a day, whether it’s plain tap water, seltzer, or a cozy cup of hot water with lemon.

I resolve to use at-home treatments that will make my skin glow: It’s always hard to find time to pamper ourselves, and that’s especially true when it comes to the hectic holiday season. This winter, resolve to do something good for yourself at home by treating yourself to a facial mask. Infused with skin plumping and perfecting hyaluronic acid, the easy-to-use Dorothy Facial Mask can be applied in just 15 minutes while you’re basting a turkey or wrapping presents — just consider it a gift you’re giving yourself.

I resolve to get facials: Spending time at the salon may not be at the top of your agenda this holiday season, but before the clock strikes midnight on January first, resolve to add a facial into your skincare routine a few times a year. At Flawless’ Manhattan location, treatments tailored to your specific skin needs, like the Nu Skin Anti-Aging Facial and the Oxygen Facial, can make you look luminous and refreshed even when the holidays are running you ragged.

Resolutions don’t have to be a drag — start any of these routines now and your glowing skin might just be what you’re thankful for next year.

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