How to Soothe Dry Summer Skin and Prevent Wrinkles in the Process

Posted June 3, 2016

With summer well on its way, many of us are concerned about how the warm weather and sunshine will affect our day-to-day routine. Perhaps no part of our daily life is impacted more by the summer weather than our skincare routine, with sunscreen becoming an every day essential rather than the afterthought it is for many of us during the rest of the year. For many of us, however, no amount of preventative care or assiduous sunscreen application can help soothe our dry summer skin, so we’re left trying to attack the problem once it’s already hit. Even if the summer makes your skin drier than the Sahara, there are ways to get it back to its softer, more supple state, staving off wrinkles in the process. Here’s how:

Moisturize religiously: There’s no better way to keep skin soft and hydrated than moisturizing at the beginning and end of every day. This is especially important when you find yourself spending more time in the sun than usual — in addition to causing dark spots, burns, and being a risk factor for certain types of skin cancer, sunlight can dry fragile skin, causing it to age faster.

Cool down with a refreshing mask: Ducking into the shade of one of Manhattan’s many skyscrapers will only protect you from the sunshine for so long; at some point this summer, you’ll almost certainly find yourself getting a bit more sun than you intended. To treat the redness, pain, and dryness that often accompany too much sun exposure, add a cooling sheet mask to your routine, like Flawless Skin Solutions’ Dorothy Mask. Full of botanically derived soothing ingredients, the Dorothy Mask will take the sting out of your skin while hyaluronic acid keeps it soft and moisturized.

Add sensitive skin treatments to your routine (no matter what your skin type): Sun-parched skin may be tough to treat, but that doesn’t mean its residents should take an aggressive approach to summer skincare. Instead of sticking to your usual routine of facials, try a treatment that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, like the Oxygen Facial at Flawless in New York. The Oxygen Facial combines a potent, age-fighting antioxidant serum with the natural power of 98% pure hyperbaric oxygen to clear pores, smooth skin, and fend off potential wrinkles from sun exposure.

Soothing dry, sun-scorched skin requires a delicate touch, so pamper yourself with gentle treatments that keep skin happy and hydrated all summer long.

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